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DOUBLE CLEANSE CLOTH - Organic Cotton & Muslin Face Washcloth To Remove Makeup

DOUBLE CLEANSE CLOTH - Organic Cotton & Muslin Face Washcloth To Remove Makeup

Luxurious Multi-Tasking Skincare

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Double Cleanse with super soft organic brushed cotton on one side, plus a skin buffing muslin cloth on the other side.

Perfect for your nightly double cleanse, plus morning cleanse and face masks. 

  • 100% Organically Certified Cotton
  • Wipes away makeup and daily dirt
  • Brushed Cotton side is gentle enough to remove eye make up on sensitive skin
  • Organic Muslin Cotton Side gently exfoliates and buffs the skin
  • Can be washed up to 90 degrees and tumble dried (or simply air dried)


The beautifully soft, organic brushed cotton side is ideal for your first cleanse and to remove eye makeup around the delicate eye area

The skin buffing organic muslin cloth side, perfect for your second cleanse or morning cleanse.



Use a clean cloth every morning.

Dampen face cloth with warm water.
Gently wipe over face to remove Neroli Cleansing Oil, or Brighten & Glow Powder. 

Use the soft side around the eyes, and for your first cleanse, to wipe away makeup. 

Rinse with clean water and repeat, or use the organic muslin side to gently buff the skin.



Wash up to 90 degrees.

Can be tumble dried or air dried.

For skin hygiene use a clean face cloth every day.



It uses less water and energy than conventional cotton
Our organic cotton is grown on a small-scale farm, which is rain-fed rather than irrigated. This makes the soil better at holding water and more resilient to drought. And also reduces pressure on local water sources.

It’s healthier for the ecosystem
Organic cotton uses all-natural seeds from organically grown crops. There’s no pesticides and other harmful chemicals, which means cleaner air and water, soil biodiversity, and healthier workers.

It’s certified and traceable
We use organic cotton that’s certified through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you know that the claims can be trusted and traced back to the source.

It’s softer and more durable
Organic cotton is mostly handpicked, maintaining purity of the fibre. That’s how it stays so soft. When woven into fabric, natural and safe alternatives are used for dyeing and whitening.

It promotes safe work and better livelihoods
For farmers and their families, organic cotton farming has a lot of positive impacts. They’re not exposed to toxic chemicals. And healthier soil means they’re able to grow other crops for food and income.

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