Is it ok to use oil on my skin?

Applying high quality natural plant oils to your skin helps it to function properly, prevent dehydration and retain moisture.

Oil and water don't mix and our skin naturally contains oils so it makes sense to replenish and treat it with oils as the skin understands oils and they can absorb into the skin better than creams or lotions. 

organic cleansing oil and face oils in natural skincare    

High quality plant oils and fats, such as Oat Oil and Shea Butter, are easily absorbed by the skin and are used to feed and to aid the body to function correctly - with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 & 9. Rosehip Oil contains natural anti-ageing Vitamin A and helps to heal and repair whilst Sea Buckthorn Pulp Oil is rich in the rare Omega 7 which helps to heal scar tissue and regenerate the skin.

Pomegranate Oil, found in the ROSA Face Oil, contains the only known botanical source of Omega 5 which helps heal inflammation and soothe irritated skin.  

Why are there no creams in the COCOROSA BEAUTY range?  
Creams can contain up to 75% water - which cannot be absorbed into the skin and therefore has no actual skin treatment benefits. Creams also contain emulsifiers which stop the cream from separating but have no skin benefits. The bulking ingredient in a huge proportion of creams is paraffin (or petroleum) which is basically like putting petroleum jelly on your skin - another ingredient with no nutrients skin benefits and which doesn’t nourish the skin, just simply sits on the surface of the skin. 

Traditional Use of Oils on the Skin 
In some cultures oils are a vital part of daily routine - in India Coconut Oil is frequently used by all ages to moisturise the skin and hair, while Shea Butter is widely used across Africa to nourish newborn baby's skin and protect from the hard, drying effects of the sun. 

Jojoba Oil is a natural liquid wax. It is closest to the skins natural protective oils (AKA sebum!) and allows skin to breathe (non-comedogenic) plus penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin helping to replenish and protect the skins natural protective barrier. Jojoba is rich in natural Vitamin E plus Omega 6 & 9.  The Neroli Cleansing Oil is enriched with lots of Jojoba to help cleanse and balance all skin types. 

Try the ROSA Face Oil to help treat dehydrated, stressed, hormonal skin plus calm and treat breakouts.  

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