Cocorosa Sustainability Promise

At Cocorosa, we are committed to crafting natural skincare products that not only enhance your natural beauty, but also contribute to the health of our planet. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our brand, from ingredient sourcing to packaging choices. 

Here's our commitment to you and the planet:

Handmade with Love and Tradition

Our products are crafted in small batches, using traditional cold blending methods. This not only ensures freshness and potency, but also minimises energy consumption during production and therefore minimises our environmental footprint.

Our manufacturing has no waste bi-products.

Plant Based, Natural Products 🌿

Every Cocorosa product is formulated with natural, cold-pressed plant oils, natural organic extracts, essential oils and antioxidant vitamins, 

We use high quality plant oils to balance and treat the skin.

The essential oils are all of therapeutic grade which intensifies the overall results.


100% Vegan 

Cocorosa products are made exclusively from vegan ingredients, ensuring that your skin receives the purest treatment without harming animals or the environment.

We are 100% committed to cruelty-free practices and choose to focus on the power of nature to nourish, soothe and rejuvenate your skin.


Hopefully it goes without saying that we are strongly against animal testing. 

Our products have never, and will never, be tested on animals.


Ethical Suppliers

We are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients ethically and transparently.
We work with small suppliers (most are family run businesses) who favour responsible, community-based production - to ensure that the journey from farm to bottle aligns with our values of sustainability and fair practices.

For example the Organic Shea Butter, used in the Blue Chamomile Soothe Balm, is produced by a women's cooperative in Ghana.

This supports other small businesses and allows us to build meaningful relationships with our suppliers.


Minimal Packaging

In our efforts to reduce plastic waste, we use glass bottles and jars for our products. Glass is not only recyclable but also preserves the luxurious, active  formulations.

By eliminating unnecessary product boxes, we aim to minimise packaging waste and reduce our carbon footprint.



The glass bottles and jars are all recyclable in your household recycling.
All postal packaging is recyclable in household recycling waste.
We re-use additional packing materials from suppliers.


Water-Free Formulations (AKA Waterless Beauty)

None of our products contain water, ensuring that every drop is packed with potent, concentrated goodness. By eliminating water from our formulations, we reduce the need for preservatives and lessen the environmental impact associated with water usage in manufacturing processes. 

Water adds no nutritional value to a skincare product - it just dilutes and means more packaging is needed to accommodate the larger volume.

For example, our Brighten and Glow Powder is a 3 in 1 product which you add water to when mixing it in your hand. If it were a pre mixed mask, plus face wash plus exfoliator it would need a container 4 times the size.

Did you know 💡 the skin cannot absorb water so any water in a product just evaporates on the skin.


Free From 

Only the highest quality Natural and Organic ingredients, Cold Pressed Plant oils and Antioxidant Vitamins are used in the Cocorosa products.

Our commitment to purity means you'll never encounter parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals (such as petroleum, petrolatum, or paraffin liquidum), hydrogenated oils, colours or dyes, artificial fragrances, phthalates, or animal-derived ingredients in any of our formulations.


Concentrated and Customisable

Our products are highly concentrated, allowing for longer use and minimising the need for frequent replenishment.

We celebrate individuality and understand that every skin is unique.

Our concentrated formulations are designed to be customisable, allowing you to tailor your skincare routine to meet your specific needs.

This approach promotes mindful consumption and minimises unnecessary product usage and therefore reduces product waste (by avoiding the need for dozens of different products).


Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving our sustainability practices to reduce our environmental impact and enhance the well-being of our planet.

Always at the forefront of sustainable beauty - vegan, clean, green, waterless and sustainable, wellbeing & holistic skincare – our Founder, Fiona has been creating products this way since 2007

By choosing Cocorosa, you're not only prioritising your skin's health and well-being, but also supporting a shift towards a more sustainable and compassionate beauty industry. 

Let’s work together to nurture skincare that respects and harmonises with nature.


Cocorosa Sustainability Promise