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What is Cocorosa 

Cocorosa is a Luxury Plant Oil Skincare and Aromatherapy Wellbeing brand, founded by Master Aromatherapist and Award Winning Skincare Formulator, Fiona Tutte.


Find Out About Cocorosa Beauty Natural Skincare and Wellbeing Brand


Active, Clean, Vegan & Sustainable – the products bursting with therapeutic essential oils, vitamin rich plant extracts and natural actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Organic Rosehip CO2, Niacinamide and Bakuchiol, plus beauty industry favourite - Vitamin A (Retinoid).


What makes Cocorosa special?

Active, holistic formulas created to not only cleanse and nourish the skin but to help calm and uplift the mind and treat skin conditions, resulting in healthy glowing skin.

Cocorosa is an independent female owned and run company. 

Always ahead of the trends – vegan beauty, clean beauty, waterless beauty, sustainable beauty, wellbeing & holistic skincare – Fiona has been creating products this way since 2008.


Cocorosa Founder, Fiona Tutte 

Fiona has been in the spa and beauty industry for over 25 years, initially training as a Clinical Aromatherapist, before moving into Facials and Skincare Formulating.

Throughout her career Fiona has been an Aromatherapy Consultant and Product Formulator for many companies, including well known spa brand ESPA. 

Fiona has been creating own award winning skincare for 15 years, along with creating bespoke products and treatment experiences for spas, salons and 5 star hotels too, achieving the Scottish Beauty Guru Award in 2014

Fiona specialises in treating skin conditions and restoring the skin to a natural, healthy glow.

 Cocorosa Beauty Founder, Fiona Tutte

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