Cocorosa Founder, Fiona

Fiona Tutte, Founder of Cocorosa - Read OUR STORY for brand history.


Fiona is a Master Aromatherapist and Award Winning Skincare Formulator.

She has created products for 5 Star Spas and Hotels, and for spa brands such as ESPA skincare.

Fiona Tutte, Cocorosa Beauty Founder and Skincare Formulator  Fiona Tutte, founder of Cocorosa Beauty   Cocorosa Beauty Founder and Aromatherapist Fiona Tutte


How it all began......

“I discovered Aromatherapy when I was about 18, during a particularly traumatic time in my life, and I found it helped to calm me, when mixing oils like Lavender and Clary Sage and Rose (which I would buy from the lovely herbal store - Culpeper Shop (sadly no longer trading). 

I started devouring Aromatherapy books and when I had read everything I could find, I decided I wanted to study to become a Clinical Aromatherapist.

Despite my parents insistence that I stay in my “proper job”, I got a loan to pay for the first year and it was the best decision I ever made.  I studied in a Natural Medicine College and loved every minute of it.”


“I am still continuously expanding my knowledge and experience of aromatherapy, skincare and spa treatments plus in depth knowledge on skin conditions and holistic wellbeing”


The first product

Fiona originally began making therapeutic aromatherapy blends for her clients to use at home to help naturally treat conditions such as eczema, IBS and arthritis. 

Her clients kept asking for the soothing, anti-inflammatory “arthritis blend”  that she made, to help soothe joint and muscle pain.

The aromatherapy blend for arthritis (now re-branded as Blue Chamomile Soothe Oil) started to become really popular and it was suggested to Fiona that she start selling it into shops.

That was the inception for creating her own range.


“I knew that if I could create a blend that was helping people with pain and swelling in their knuckles and knees, that I could create products to regenerate and revitalise the skin”


That original product, created for arthritis,, became the first product for Fiona’s original skincare brand, Pure Lochside. It was called Calm & Soothe Body & Bath Oil.


Cocorosa Beauty Founder, Fiona Tutte with her previous brand - Pure Lochside

Find out what happened to Fiona’s first brand here


What's the future for Cocorosa?

"I have been working hard behind the scenes to refine the brand and make it strong. We have made a few changes and have a whole series of product launches planned throughout 2024"

We are planning expansion during 2024, but will forever remain true to our brand principles and ethics, and be an open and honest brand.


Thank you for your custom and support

Fiona x