Cocorosa Beauty Updates & Offers

NEW MINIS Collection

Nourish & Revive MINIS

Try the Cocorosa Beauty Face Oil set for £10, perfect for holidays or cute gifts  



Beauty Serum Survey 

Take part in our latest survey to have your say in the next Cocorosa Beauty product  

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NEW Energise Cleansing Powder 

This new Cleansing Powder & Mask has some of the most powerful and coveted ingredients in the beauty industry - Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Glycogen which all help to boost the energy of the skin cells, hydrate and brighten. 

It is a TRIPLE ACTION product which can be used as......

1️⃣ Facial wash/rinse off cleanser

2️⃣ Customisable treatment mask

3️⃣ Face and neck exfoliator

It’s 100% natural and plant based 🌱

It is in a sustainable waterless format, as a dry powder. This means you get more product value as it is mixed with water and/or different oils to achieve different uses and results. As a mask it would be 4 times the size (therefore take up four times the packaging) and as an exfoliator it would be 3 times the size and take up three times the packaging  

It uses zero energy (heat) to make the product and there is no wastage. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of it. ❤️