"I am utterly in love with these products and the expert advice I get in terms of what best suits my skin. I cannot recommend this range enough- a complete game changer. I love the way the oil makes it feel. Thank you!" - REBECCA

"Thanks Fiona, I love your products! After 2-3 weeks there was a visible difference in my skin. I live in a cold climate that really dries your skin, but now it looks and feels much more hydrated!" - TINA

"After 1 week my blemishes have gone down and most of them have gone - my skin feels lovely and hydrated, cleanser and fresh" - SOPHIE

"I've gone from little to no skin routine to being addicted to these products! Simply wow! My skin has never looked fresher!"  - POLLY


Egyptian Neroli Cleansing Oil 

"It contains sweet orange, petitgrain, and neroli to give a cologne-like aroma when you use it on the face. The scent is reminiscent of holiday sunshine and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and wonderfully smooth" Stephan Matthews

"Smells utterly heavenly, inviting you to give your face a good, make-up melting, de-stressing massage"  YOU Magazine Beauty Clinic - Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey 

ROSA Revive & Renew Face Oil

"Rosa Revive & Renew Face Oil owes much of its fragrance to a rich damask rose but the citrus aspects are again brought out by sweet orange and neroli. However, the addition of geranium, rosewood, and frankincense makes this much earthier and decadent than your regular face oils, and a little goes a very long way. This skincare range truly is a wonderfully unisex collection and, because of its compact size, can easily be thrown into the gym bag. Also, for guys, if you’re currently sporting a beard like I am then the oils condition it perfectly and the super fruit exfoliator is great on the neck line."  Stephan Matthews

"At this time of year, our skins are positively DRINKING oil. ROSA Revive & Renew Facial Oil is based around C02 rosehip and pomegranate oils, oat ceramides – and again, divinely scented, this time with frankincense and rose"  YOU Magazine Beauty Clinic - Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey 

 "I've stopped using eye cream after using this face oil. I've used expensive eye creams for over 20 years and now I just circle this around my eyes like you suggested"  HELEN

Double Cleanse Cloth

"To accompany the cleanser and exfoliator, there’s literally the nicest cleansing cloth we’ve ever used – one side a nicely skin-buffing muslin, the other side soft as a comfort blanket" YOU Magazine Beauty Clinic - Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey 

Alpine Lavender & Arnica Soothe Balm

"I’ve seen a very noticeable difference in my world-weary knees and I also have to confess to wearing it on my wrists as a solid perfumeStephan Matthews