What is Double Cleansing?


What is Double Cleansing?

It is a term originally used by therapists during facials, and simply means to cleanse the skin twice.

It is so simple to do and the whole thing takes about 2 minutes, and once you start it becomes a habit.

A simple habit that leads to great skin.

Why should I Double Cleanse?

The First Cleanse is to remove make-up, SPF and daily dirt/grime.

The Second Cleanse is to really clean and treat your skin.

Using high quality plant oils to clean your skin - that work in harmony with the skin, and don't strip the natural oils skin, really helps to give you supple, healthy, hydrated skin.

What can I use for a Double Cleanse?

Always use a Cleansing Oil for your first cleanse, as it literally helps to dissolve oil on the skin plus all make up and daily dirt.

Avoid using an oil that emulsifies (turns into a milk) as these products contain a foaming agent and although it may leave the skin feeling clean, over time it actually dries it out and can cause irritation.

What you use for your second cleanse depends on how your skin feels that day. Ideally switch it up by using a couple of different things each week - such as the Brighten & Glow Powder, or the Cleansing Oil mixed with the Cleansing Powder, or just the Cleansing Oil on it's own!

 Cocorosa Beauty Double Cleanse Duo    Cocorosa Beauty Double Cleansing tips

How do I do a Double Cleanse?

For a regular nightly cleanse use 2-3 pumps of the Neroli Cleansing Oil (unless you have a lot of make up and then use 3 - 4 pumps).

Always wash your hands first so they are slightly damp when you put the Cleansing Oil into your palms.

Cocorosa Beauty Double Cleansing Tips

Rub your palms together and gently massage into your face and neck, using your whole hand (palms & fingers). Then use your finger tips to rub over your eyelids/lashes to start dissolving any mascara/eyeliner (using a little more oil if you have waterproof mascara). Do this very gently.

The make up will now be dissolving and you will end up with panda eyes 🐼 👀 but this will just wipe away with a warm, damp face cloth.

To remove

Wipe a damp cloth gently over your eyelids to remove all the make up residue and then over your face. Rinse the cloth and wipe again.

Then repeat the cleanse, using 1 - 2 pumps (or more if you like) of the Neroli Cleansing Oil and massage in well, concentrating on any areas of congestion or dryness.

If your skin is congested or breaking out, or if you like the feel of a face wash, without the drying, then use the Brighten & Glow Powder for your SECOND CLEANSE. 

A pea size amount mixed with a few drops of water in your palm is all you need.

If your skin is feeling dry or dull, then use 2 pumps the Neroli Cleansing Oil mixed with a pea size of the Brighten & Glow Powder, for your SECOND CLEANSE, and massage in well to your face, neck and decollete to give a deep exfoliation and ring a lovely glow to the skin. Massage in water to make a silky emulsion and then remove a damp face cloth.

The Jojoba in the blend helps to dissolve oil and balance the skin. Apricot Kernel replenishes the skin and natural Plant Ceramides help to create healthy, plump skin cells. Oat Oil reduces dehydration and Neroli revitalises the skin and uplifts and calms the mind.

So, follow the lead of beauty therapists and begin Double Cleansing every night. We can all spare 2 minutes at night.


If you think you won't do it at the same time as you clean your teeth before bed, then start doing it earlier in the evening - even when you finish work, or after dinner.

Once you start seeing a clearer, cleaner, healthier skin it will then be easier to make it a nightly habit.