Promoting Mental Wellbeing with Honesty and Openness 

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This drawing completely sums up depression for me and, more importantly, shows how someone can help their friend/family/partner/child who has depression.


When I am feeling down I always want to curl up under blankets to feel safe and hide away from the world. My husband used to say to me “shall we make a camp on the sofa” as it was our safe, comforting place together if we were both struggling.

One of my best friends Rebecca, who is a Dr of Psychology, has said to me before that if you’re struggling it’s ok to take the day as a mental health day sometimes to allow yourself time to rest your mind. Now more than ever I see the importance of that.

If I’m not feeling great emotionally/mentally then I curl up under blankets and look at all the houses I would like to buy in the Spanish mountains plus watch calming things on TV so I can zone out and not have to think. My guilty pleasure is Poirot and Darling Buds of May 😳🤣 It always makes me feel better. I know lots of people think it’s sad but having come from an often abusive childhood it’s my way of feeling safe and comforted.  Plus now I’m fast approaching 47 🙀I am less inclined to worry what other people think of my choices! I’m finally, after 46 years of self doubt and no confidence, proud of who I am 💪

What’s your own, personal way of coping when you’re struggling? Is it cleaning, eating, drinking, gardening or are you with me on the Poirot 🤔 

Reach Out If You're Struggling

Sending love and hugs to you all and please do get in touch if you are struggling and need to reach out to someone,

Love Fi x 🤗🤗

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