New Product Update

New Product Update

Our New Oil has had to be put on hold until October, due to a high price increase in one of the ingredients 😭 

The ingredient is harvested in April and October in different parts of the world, and it is expected that the October harvest will produce a higher yield.

I want to keep this product at a specific price, to make it fully accessible plus easy to customise and add to your routines, and with the ingredient price rise I would have to put the retail price up quite a lot.

I will know more by October so I will be updating you then.


Another Ingredient Increase

Did you know that Neroli has gone up by 50% (and some suppliers up by 55%)

Hopefully my vision of having land in Spain and growing ingredients for the products will ensure I can control the harvest prices - plus create THE freshest, nutrient rich products out there!

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