10 Beauty Hacks for Ylang Ylang & Mandarin Cocoa Butter Balm

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How to customise your Cocorosa Beauty Ylang Ylang & Mandarin Cocoa Butter Balm

From a sweet citrus lip balm to a luxury bath treat for silky smooth skin, this rich, nourishing balm does it all!

Discover new beauty tips below.....

  1. Super nourishing body balm

  2. Skin Softening Body Scrub

  3. Face Cleanser

  4. Luxury Nourishing Bath Treat

  5. Lip Balm

  6. Protective Hand Cream

  7. Lip Scrub

  8. Neck Cream

  9. Rich Foot Cream

  10. Cheek Highlighter

Super nourishing body balm

You can use this as a deeply nourishing body moisturiser either all over or just on your legs or dry patches. 

TIP - warm a little in your hands and massage into slightly damp skin after a bath or shower. Your skin will feel strokably soft all day 🥰

Skin Softening Body Scrub

Mix 2 desertspoons of sugar with 3 teaspoons of the Balm in a small bowl. Stir really well until it looks light and fluffy (like a cake mix!).  🚿Use on damp skin whilst in the bath or shower and massage into your body from feet up to your neck (avoid your face). Rinse off and pat dry for super soft scented skin. Ideally put a towel in the shower tray or bath to avoid slipping when you get out ⚠️

TIP - For a more intensive exfoliation use the scrub on dry skin. Stand in the bath or shower and warm the scrub in your hands and massage in well starting from the feet upwards. Don't forget the back of your arms and your shoulders ⚠️ Use a towel in the shower tray or bath to avoid slipping.

Face Cleanser

Take approx half a teaspoon and warm in your hands. Massage into dry skin on your face and neck.  Apply water to allow the balm to become silky and then remove with the Double Cleanse Cloth

Luxury Nourishing Bath Treat

Take a heaped teaspoon of the balm and add to a warm bath 🛀 step in straight away and relax in the bath for 15 -20 minutes, to allow the essential oils to penetrate into the skin. ⚠️ Take care to avoid slipping when you get out the bath.

Lip Balm

You only need a tiny amount on your lips - like one or two grains of rice as a little goes a long way! Or simply run your finger over the balm to warm slighly and that should be enough residue on your finger to massage into your lips👄to soften and condition them and give them a light shine💄

Protective Hand Cream

This makes the most nourishing hand balm and it smells so good too. Massage a little bit into your cuticles too to help them soften 👐 

Lip Scrub (see Blending Tips on Instagram Stories for method)

Try this delicious homemade lip scrub 👄 so simple to make for yourself to soften & nourish dry, chapped lips 

Mix approx 1/2 teaspoon sugar (not demerara as its too harsh on the skin) and 1/2 teaspoon of the balm in a mini jar or bowl. Blend well with a spoon and massage a small amount onto your lips for super soft kissable lips 💋

If your lips are quite sensitive then only use a small amount of sugar
100% natural ✅ Vegan ✅

❗️If you do one thing for your lips (and skin!) promise me you'll NEVER put petroleum jelly on them ❌ (or petrolatum or any mineral oil) - your skin doesn’t function properly with this barrier on them as it acts like cling film and the skin can’t breathe. In my experience of treating skin conditions it makes eczema and dry skin worse.

Neck Cream

Our necks are so often forgotten in our skin care routines so this rich balm helps to make up for all the years of forgotten neck creams! Simply warm a small amount in your hands and massage onto your neck - front and sides 💆 plus its is amazing on your décolleté too 🍉🍉

Rich Foot Cream

The rich formula makes this perfect as a nourishing foot cream. Try massaging it into your feet when you get into bed at night and within a couple of days you will feel the difference 👣

Cheek Highlighter

 This is super easy and super effective. Simply run your middle finger over the top of the balm to warm it slightly and then pat onto the top of your cheek for a hydrated glow 🥰

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